Friday, March 29, 2013

Nobody Got Time for That

I haven't written in a while because I got busy, got distracted, got lazy.  But, here I am on an early spring day with a lot on my mind.  I am finding it hard to focus on one thing because it seems that nothing and everything is going on all at once.

Okay - here's the thing.  I try to be very positive in anything I make public.  Of course I have my opinion but I try to keep things on the up and up.  However, lately I feel a little like I may be untruthful with my good will.  Some things just don't deserve my positive spin.  I'm tired of keeping my mouth shut about it, too.

Here is my biggest complaint: Shitty people.

I'm so sick of nasty, awful, mean, manipulative people.  I'm done!  And I don't want to be nice to them.  I don't want to say "Well at least she did this..." or "At least he was that...".  No!  At the end of the day when someone is a shitty person, who doesn't have basic human decency, they do not deserve my kindness.

Various social medias remind me on a daily basis just how shitty some people really are, and it is exhausting. I don't understand why some individuals feel it necessary to be so awful.  To be bullies!  Usually I can ignore it but in the last few weeks I just feel overrun by idiots who think it is okay to be an asshole because nobody has to take responsibility for failing at humanity.

I'm so sick of dealing with adult children.  It's one thing to be young a heart, and another to be a spoiled brat who makes another miserable because they are unhappy.  Just stop it!  Grab a mirror and take a look at yourself for a moment.  What do you gain from being so awful that someone else is left feeling low?

I'm not a shitty person and I'm so grateful for that. I make mistakes, accidentally hurt people I care for, and sometimes say hings I don't mean out of anger.  But damn it I am a great person.  I live by the golden rule and I love my people fiercely.  I have no complaints about the core of my heart because I know my intentions are pure.    But today, I'm running from assholes.  I can't be bothered with their bull shit.  And, I tell you this with the truest conviction: your shitty misery will not encourage me to join you.  No, in fact you will reap the benefits of bad karma.  Trust me...."they" always do.

Please be kind.  Please.  This is a tough world we live in.  Be nice.  Do right.