Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Emotional Lives of Non Human Animals

After a long, hard, emotionally taxing day, I turned on my television to a program about uncommon animal friendships.  Two of my favorite topics: animals and friends.  To my joy, I see a story taking place here in Oklahoma and just down the road in a neighboring city.  At a rescue called Wild Heart, a unique bond between and old blind horse and an old goat made this girl

Charlie the horse and Jack the goat

Charlie lost his vision one eye at a time.  At his first lost, Jack decided to help Charlie around the reserve and would lead him by walking on the side of his good eye.   Once he lost all site, Jack led by walking in front of Charlie, leading the way to their favorite spot in the sun where Charlie would graze and Jack stood by waiting for his friend.  After a day in the sun, Jack led the way back to their nesting spot to bed down for the night.  This tradition took place every single day.  The director of the animal rescue commented that Jack got nothing out of this relationship.  Charlie couldn't feed or protect him, yet he stayed by the old horse's side until the day Charlie took his last sun bath.  When Charlie was laid to rest, Jack began to deteriorate.  He isn't as agile or energetic as he once was.  The staff was and still is so moved by the bond of these two animals and claims when it is Jack's time to go, he will be buried in the sun next to his old pal in their favorite spot to spend time together.

Now you can wrap up in the fetal position and try not to cry.

I am glad to have stumbled upon this story.  While the animals can't communicate through words,  their dedication to one another and Jack's loyalty to his friend until the end, well, it just made my day.

When Charlie lost site in both eyes, the staff at Wild Heart were going to put him down.  However, they decided to give him, and his friend Jack, the opportunity to spend more time with one another.  And thank goodness.  It was a beautiful lesson.