Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh! What a Night

It's funny how things can move and change, shifting from a thought into a dream.  A goal.

Recently I started a little project that turned into a live gig. In late January I became better acquainted with someone who how now become a musical partner.  I had this thought.  I wanted to perform again and didn't know anyone who'd be interested in accompanying and brainstorming with me.  Well, Andrew was suggested to be by a few friends.  We work in the same building together and I had no idea he was a talented guitarist.  One day by the coffee pot I said "Hey, Andrew.  I hear you play.  Want to get together and fiddle around".  Without a breath he answered back "Yes. I'm in."  From that conversation, a partnership was born and we played our first gig together last Saturday night.

Our set was 22 songs, all covers expect one song we wrote.  And of course the plan is to work on more original piece as soon as possible.  However, we took our nervous selves to a small venue called 209 Arts Bar and did what we both love doing.

Before I go any further, I have to take a moment to brag about my partner.  Andrew is at least 10 years younger than me, but he carries more patience than men twice his age.  I chose some pretty big songs and during rehearsals, he'd see me become frustrated with myself and start to crawl back inside that shell.  One night, he just looked at me and said "You've got this girl.  Don't be scared".  And from then on the fear of butchering a song was over.  Andrew did a lot more than just play the guitar for me.  He helped unleash something I had hidden away since 2007.  Something that I loved doing.  Something that I am ready to pursue with more vigor, more gravity, and with way more guts.

The closer it got to our big date, the louder my nerves became.  My parents and sister drove in from Houston and my best friend since I was 4 years old also flew in from Houston.  The morning of the performance, I found myself in my apartment with Andrew, my family, and some really wonderful friends.  We worked on some trouble songs and even Skyped in the Italian family so they could catch a piece of what we were going to be performing.  It just felt really damn good.  Everyone enjoyed each other and my nerves started to wither.  I mean - why would I feel so nervous?  These people want to see us succeed.  That's called love.

Finally, it was time to perform.  It was about 6 bars into the first song, a mellowed down version of I'm Every Woman, that I started to feel like I was having fun.  That this was going to be an amazing night.  And I was right.  So many of my friends and co-workers came out in support and I was truly amazed.  At one point I looked out at everyone singing along, laughing, enjoying one another and realized that this is what I love the most.  Bringing people together and having a great time.And it especially felt great to be seen as an artist to so many people I care for.  Finally, they saw my heart.

What a fun night.  I will keep it with me. 

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  1. It was an amazing night. I got to watch you shine and do what you were born to do.... I'm so thankful I could be there. I love you dearly!!

    Andy McDandy is a damn fine guitar player, and just a great guy!! So glad you guys found each other.