Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Has Arrived

The last month has been so busy that I've completely neglected my blog.  But it was worth it.  We wrapped up a season at the ballet which meant saying goodbye to a lot of special people.

But now it's time to turn our eyes to summer plans!  I've got a load of projects I'm currently working on and while I thought I had more than enough time to completely everything, I'm finding summer has arrived and is slipping right past me.  SLOW DOWN!!!  Actually, I'm ok with the speed of things right now.  I'm in a better place emotionally than I was last summer, so things just seems to generally feel better and not as lonely and desperate as last year. 

I have so much to look forward to that I can hardly contain myself.  First, I'm moving.  Ugh.  Now that can come and go!  I will be ready to move to my new home.  See, I'm moving in to a friend's house.  Not just any friend...she's a dear friend.  Julie and I have know one another for nearly 16 years.  I never really thought we'd live together but after a lengthy conversation, we both came to the conclusion that we could do this.  It will help both of us save money and provide me with some distance from the office which I desperately need.  And really her house is freaking HUGE!.  I don't know how she lived in such a large home alone.  But she's a strong woman so, really, It's no surprise.  So, by June 1st I will all moved and can begin to focus on another project which is arts and crafts.  No really!  I have some painting and crafty projects I want to do while I have some time and being in the new home with more room will help me get focused and finished.  Also, I need to finish some songs I've started and get that shit uploaded! 

Finally, I have my vacation to look forward to.  I'm all booked and I don't really have to plan anything other than picking out a few items such as comfy strappy sandals (ya right), and random other pieces of clothing I want.  See, I'm going back to Italy.  Ahhh.  And my sister is coming with!  God I could just burst into a million pieces with joy when I think about sharing such a beautiful place and people with mia bella sorella!  We're both over the moon about it and somehow talking too much about only makes time slow down so...I don't spend too much time on it.  I need vacation time desperately and to have one like this with Dawn is a huge blessing.  I'm sure the closer July 14 gets I will start to write more.  But until now I'm focusing on tiny projects and having a good time with friends.



  1. How absolutely wonderful for you, so many new beginnings with the move and oh the joy of Italy with your sister. I truly envy you, but enjoy for there is no better friend in the world than your sister. Can't wait to hear your new songs!

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  3. I feel so blessed, and I don't even have the words to express how I feel. I'm so proud of you little sister. We come from strong, independent women. We always had it in us, we just had to find it. Meet in your Rome! (Never thought I'd say that)