Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Father

It's not Father's Day.  It's not his birthday.  It's nothing but a Wednesday.  However, I felt inspired to write about my father today.

My dad is someone most of my friends consider their second dad.  To a lot of people his presence is comforting as he provides a warm feeling that comes with a welcoming smile and open mind.  He's gifted that way and I'm grateful because let's face it, I have some wack-a-doodle friends.  I say that with love!  But throughout he years and everyone I've brought to his doorstep, he has shown them kindness and hospitality and considered them as much of a part of his family as own of his own children.  And he isn't kidding.  If they were to need something, Charlie is there to ask how he can help.

For some reason today I can't get Dad off my mind.  And I want to tell him how much I love him and how much it means the he accepts me for who I am and will love me for who I will become.  For his entire life, he's been one to sacrifice. Many times he worked 12, 16, even 24 hours straight but if there was something important Dawn and I were doing such as an Orchestra concert or singing at some event, Dad would show up without sleep just to be there.  And recently my parents came to Tulsa to see a gig I did and my poor father was exposed to a lot more than he probably cared for, but he did it with a smile.

See, he's always around sometimes in the background, never in the spot light.  And with all the things he's come out to support for my sister and I, (including helping us both with our European travel expenses) and now for my mom's poetry book, I felt he deserved some attention.

I love you, Dad.  Thank you for your sacrifice.  Thank your for loving us and our "extended" family.  Thank you for driving half way across the country to fulfill two little girls' wildest dreams.  I'm sorry you don't always  get the attention you deserve, but speaking on Dawn's behalf here - thank you.  We love you dearly, Dad!

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