Monday, June 24, 2013

What a Little Moonlight Can Do

I've been on another self discovery journey lately.  I'm trying so very hard to be brave and to push myself past what others will think and just be honest.  I feel that I am a pretty honest person already, but I have things I'd like to share.  And I'm leaning on the honesty of those who inspire me.  Mostly my friends and family that have put themselves out there to be seen, read, heard.  Now, most people who know me would say "when were you ever afraid of being seen and heard?"  Well, I may put it all out there, but as the true Scorpio, I still have my secrets.

This weekend just seemed a bit magical.  The super moon was looming and everything leading up to it seemed cosmic.  Saturday I met two musicians who were traveling through Tulsa and decided to stop by the WGC (museum I now work for) and look at the space dedicated to a rebel folk singer.  These two men were brothers and folk singers.  Their sense of self was intoxicating.  They were not, in the least bit, egotistical band guys.  No, these two were gentle and docile with smiles that begged the question "what is the answer to your secret?"  The secret seemingly to be that they had a peace and clam in their hearts. After talking to these gentlemen I felt at peace myself.  And before they left one ran back in holding four cd's and gave them to me and said "We are really proud of this music" and it didn't have that sense of arrogance that one would expect when someone says they are proud of their own work.

Naturally I immediately headed back to my desk to take a listen.   I found it to be infenced by a lot of different styles and the lyrics were thoughtful and reflective. It was peaceful and I felt so very grateful for the gift of music and for the job I have that I am able to meet people like this nearly every single day.  I was further inspired to continue my own journey in writing and self exposure.

Saturday night came and I was ready for more inspiration. After a long day and dinner with friends, I came home and started to get comfortable for the evening.  My friend Julie text me a message that said "Come outside and bring a pillow".  I met her on the front lawn laying on a blanket gazing up at the great mystery in the sky. That big, beautiful, promising super moon on a Summer Solstice weekend.  I decided to take full advantage of the moment and listened to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and his Piano Trio Op. 70 - "Ghosts".  I felt inspired.  I felt okay to dream again and I felt like I was getting recharged.

See, I've always been obsessed with the moon.  When I was a kid it would shine directly into my bedroom.  I would spend a great deal of time staring at it and dreaming.  So any time there's a full moon I plan my time accordingly.  In April I finally saw my first foreign full moon...Florence, Italy.  Ya.  That was pretty spectacular.

Sunday was the same thing.  I planned to spend time in the glow of a completely full super moon and all day I tried to let inspiration come so I'd be ready. That night I sat in a park and just listened to beautiful music.  To my surprise there were several other people in the same park enjoying the beautiful night.  I was so happy to see them, young and old, sitting and just gazing up at the beautiful moon.

I tried very hard to let myself be led to meditate on whatever came to mind and then let it go - the good and the bad.  Because the one thing that always comes to mind during a full moon period is the idea of balance.  When I lose it and start feeling all over the place that moon reminds me that it's all part of the big picture - the balance of good and bad, dark and light.

I love that moon.  I know it may just be a part of the solar system, a satellite to the earth, and nothing but a reflective rock.  But to me it's magic. It's a sign from beyond, call it god or the great mystery, it's a reminder that we are all so very tiny, yet significant.  And all of these thoughts that plow through our minds and drive us away from our true selves, they can just be what they are and left for another time because that magnificence in the sky takes precedence. For the moment we can just be still.

I'm sharing my dear friend's photo of the full super moon.  It's simply breath taking.


  1. Beautiful, reflective piece. The moon lights the way to imagination and faith the dreams inside will find their way into reality.

  2. Inspiring experience and reflections. I also witnessed the supermoon, and it had a golden color as seen from our place. Amazing experience indeed!