Sunday, February 10, 2013

God Bless Us, America

There is something wrong in my country.  It seems like an over simplified statement, but sadly it is very true.

Each day our morning news brings us stories of great violence happening right down the street.  From Newtown to the quadruple homicide that took place here in Tulsa,  the amount of violent murders is gaining momentum and only proving that we, the people, of the United States of America  have a problem.

Of course there is violence all of there world. Of course there is great injustice and terrible crimes taking places daily in other countries. But I'm not talking about other places. I am talking about right here in my own back yard.  America is stressed out.

The "American Dream" is something we strive to attain and taking up that call leads us to unfulfilled lives.  We are over weight, over worked, under paid, under valued by others and ourselves.  We work for something that seems unattainable and the result is a nation of unhappy people who live in a country with such great potential.  Instead of experiencing life, we walk through it with our heads lowered to the ground, counting down the days until our next vacation or retirement.  And we are even shamed for taking vacation and asked to work while we're off and out of the office.   And what is it all for?  What is the reward?  We have disconnected from one and another and placed more value on stuff. Stuff that means nothing and we have lost our ability to follow what we truly desire.

I'm so sad for this nation.  I mean, this is the United States of America!  The land of opportunity   The "Free World", the "New World".  And what are we doing with it other than drinking too much, eating too much, and taking loads of medication for depression and anxiety?

It's so frustrating and heart breaking.  What do we have to get our shit together, We must stop it and learn to relax and enjoy life again.  I just don't know how to encourage this thinking.  To a lot of people it seems irresponsible and lazy.  So where is the happy medium?

I have no answers.  I'm only asking because I am desperate to learn how to change my own life so that I may enjoy it and be more fulfilled.

Dear god, help us all.....

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