Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Do Something That Scares You, Carrie"

I promised myself that in 2013 I would take more risks, walk outside my comfort zone, and do something that scares me.  Before the first month of the new year ended, I added one check to my list.  And the results were liberating.

Each and every one of us have our limits.  I tend to feel that I am a pretty daring person.  I mean, I don't always go out and seek something daring.  But, if something is suggested to me I just may take the opportunity.  I admire people who do things that are uncomfortable but hold their heads up as brave soldiers marching into the field of the great unknown.  I have so many beautiful people in my life who are so courageous and they inspire me to be brave.

I think it is best to scare yourself from time to time.  Otherwise you live a life in taupe and gray, and that's just no fun - is it?  Since I made this bold choice, I feel as if it has opened the door to more risks and adventures.   I mean, it may have only been something small in the scheme of things, but it certainly helped light a fire under my ass.  And essentially that's all I was looking for in this experience.

I don't know what's next on my risk taking list, but I'm hoping for something big and I'm excited.

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