Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Greatest of These is Love

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and already I'm seeing flowers, cookies, and other types of edible love offerings being delivered to the office.  And, of course, Facebook is lit up about the dreaded holiday.  It seems to not  matter that it is 2013 and everyone makes fun of the day, people still want to express their loneliness on this day.  

"Another year alone"

"Guess I will spend it with my dog"


These are some of the things I'm already tired of sifting through in various social medias.  Along with the invites to "Anti-Valentine's Day Movie Party".  Blugh, no thanks!

I'm not sure why some people like to draw so much attention to the fact that they are dateless and will be spending another week night on the sofa in their pajamas.  Is it perhaps a call to action?  "I'm all alone.  Rescue me".  And it's no better with people posting photos of ridiculous teddy bears wearing red t-shirts that read " I Wuv U".  Why is Valentine's Day so damn important - good o bad?  I think the answer may be found in the emotional maturity level of the bragger or beggar.  

See, I'm frustrated with the holiday.  No, it's not because I don't have a date and someone to shower me with flowers and chocolates to wreck my diet.  I don't care about all of that.  What I am disappointed in is the reaction people have to a day that is supposed to celebrate love.  You don't have a date?  Okay....but don't you have a lot of friends?  You're a single dad?  But, doesn't your daughter adore you?  Valentine's Day doesn't have to be for lovers - that's Virginia!  

My point is this: when you whine on social media, in the office, or to your friends about how lonely and unloved you are, well, that makes you an asshole, and perhaps why are you single.  Your mom loves you, right?  You sister thinks you hung the moon.  Your friends?  Shit!  They couldn't live without you.  So, before you decide to pop in Celine Dion's "All By Myself" and wrap yourself up in pity party for one, look around.  Perhaps you are more loved than you realized.  And even if it's not love, there is someone who counts on seeing your face, hearing your voice, or getting an occasional text message from you that just brightens their day.  Hell, maybe that lady who serves you coffee every morning really looks forward to your arrival because, for whatever reason, you just make it a good day. 

I don't want to be misunderstood.  If you are in love, by all means you are lucky!  Isn't that the best feeling in the world?  But, just because someone is single, not in a relationship, it doesn't mean that we are unloved.  I, for one, am in the middle of experiencing some of the greatest love of my life, and all of it coming from family and friends.

Happy Valentine's Day.  I wish you love.....

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